Precision Boot Camp

What is CrossTraining and Fitness?

Precision athletics has been teaching functional movement based classes since 2001. We were introduced to CrossFit in 2005. Over time Precision athletics wanted to offer group classes that offered the intense workout available through CrossFit programming. Precision Athletics has had their staff trained and certified in the CrossFit method. However, when it came to programming we wanted to offer our own twist. The CrossFit main site programming is based on 3 days on one day off with workouts varying in length form 10-60 minutes. We find the majority of our Vancouver group fitness clients come to classes 2-3 x per week for one hour. We wanted programming with that in mind. Our Crosstraining & Fitness programming follows Cross Fit’s varied functional movement base, and an emphasis on optimizing physical competence in each of ten recognized fitness domains: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.. However, we strongly feel that Olympic lifting should not be used as part of metabolic conditioning. Therefore Olympic lifting and heavy weight training are taught separate from the metabolic conditioning component. This allows a focus on technique and adequate recovery. Precision Athletics Crosstraining and Fitness classes follow a schedule where workouts are different each session for 3-4 weeks before repeating. This allows participants variety and a chance to compare their performance on each workout. Classes are taught and led by experienced personal trainers. Our Crosstraining & Fitness instructors are all certified personal trainers and certified CrossFit coaches as well. Furthermore, Precision Athletics’ vision is to help as many people as possible achieve their health and fitness goals. To this end, we promote a highly professional and respectful training environment. Lastly, although we feel our Crosstraining & Fitness classes can be scaled to all fitness levels, we offer other programs that achieve the end result of improved health as well. High intensity functional movement training is not the only way to improve fitness.

What does a typical class look like?

Our classes have three components

Functional Warm-up: Body weight exercises such as push ups , pull ups, lunges and squats along with cardio vascular exercises such as running, skipping, rowing and box jumps are combined with mobility drills and stretches to make sure you are prepared for that days warm up.

Technique: The Crosstraining and fitness instructor will go over key techniques that will be used in the strength or metabolic conditioning work out of the day

Strength training: Basic heavy lifts such as dead lift , press, and squat or Olympic lifts such as the clean, snatch or clean and jerk and preformed in ascending weights with adequate rest and recovery between sets to allow proper technique and feed-back from coaches.

Metabolic conditioning- a series of exercises preformed in a circuit for either time or number of rounds in a set time (i.e. # of rounds in 10 or 20 minutes). Be prepared for anything our circuits combine elements of body weight training, cardio vascular conditioning, polymeric exercises, medicine ball drills and kettle bells. For safety and technique improvement purposes, our Metabolic conditioning circuits do not contain Olympic lifting or heavy lifting components.

Do I have to be in shape to participate?

We offer two levels beginners and intermediate/ advanced. We recommend those who have not taken a similar style class (CrossFit or Precision Athletics Bootcamp classes) take 8 beginner classes in order to learn the basic movements and techniques. All classes are scalable to your ability and you can go at your own pace. However, there is more emphasis on mastering the basics in the beginner classes.

I have trained in a Crossfit gym before will I like Crosstraining and fitness?

There are many similarities. However the main differences are professional attitude and programming. Some but not all CrossFit gyms lack a professional attitude which can make some clients uncomfortable. We strive to make all clients feel comfortable and respected. Our programming is different. We offer similar results with less risk of injury. Over time we have had many people that have previously trained at local CrossFit gyms prefer our environment and programming. At the same time we have had some who prefer the intensity of the CF gym and were not concerned with safety. We maintain a professional relationship with CrossFit and still take advantage of the educational opportunities available from their certification and specialty seminars so would never tell a client to not try it out.

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