Precision Boot Camp

Classic Bootcamp Vancouver

Of the different Boot Camp classes available, the Classic Boot Camp incorporates a broad spectrum of movements that are suited for everyone!

The large variety of exercises will challenge your body in many different areas: cardio, strength and endurance. This program is sure to ‘rev up’ your metabolism. By participating two to three days a week, you’ll get a full-body workout that’s designed to shed pounds and promote a toned body within a fun group environment.

This military-inspired boot camp class combines weights and cardio exercises into a fast-paced circuit training program. This one has it all:

  • Body weight exercises
  • Kettle bells
  • Free weights
  • Medicine ball
  • CORE work

This boot camp class runs year-round, with sessions held on our private outdoor basketball court during the spring and summer months, and then moving indoors to our air-conditioned training facility during unpleasant weather and winter months.

New to boot camp? We offer mixed boot camp classes scaled to ALL fitness levels. Not matter what your level of experience, the program is designed so that each individual will be competing only with him or her self for improvements. All necessary equipment is provided, no need to go out a buy your own.

WARNING: Participation in this class may result in looking and feeling better, as well as enhanced performance in physical and endurance based activities.

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Precision Athletics offers several other group fitness programs in addition to Boot Camp classes. You can try Cross Training and Fitness (similar to CrossFit), and other formats. See our current group fitness schedule for class choices.