Precision Boot Camp

Why Join Precision Athletics Boot Camp Vancouver

Reasonably Priced

Group Boot Camp classes are a great way to get high-value exercise at a reasonable price. By sharing the cost of the program between different people, you can get an excellent workout at a great price. If you divide out the total program cost, a 45-minute session can cost as little as $15 per class. For indoor programs, we GUARANTEE a maximum of eight students for every one instructor. We understand the value of customized training, AND we have the resources to bring in more instructors when needed.

Social Atmosphere

Our Boot Camp Vancouver classes are a fantastic place to meet new people and make new friends. Plus it’s a lot easier to get motivated and keep fit when you’re around people who have the same goals you do.

Top Quality Instructors

Our full-time instructors are certified and all have excellent credentials. They are all fully insured and have CPR/First Aid certificates. We further encourage our trainers to take specialized courses that enhance their ability to help our clients. See their bios here.

Well-Designed Program

Before joining ANY boot camp Vancouver class, ask yourself: Are the instructors qualified to design and run this type of program? We understand boot camps because we have been doing them longer than anyone else (since 2002!). We’ve customized our classes to offer different exercise options targeted to different fitness levels. And we PROMISE to do our absolute best to make sure that everyone is getting a solid workout in a safe fun environment.

Progressive Program

We keep our programs new and exciting so you never get bored. We will tailor the difficulty level of the class to suit your needs and to ensure you get a challenging workout.

Access to Equipment

Limited access to equipment can hold you back, and limit your results. We provide all the equipment that your program needs. And don’t worry about changes in the weather – you don’t need to bring anything but yourself. If the weather changes for the worse, we simply go inside. Our outdoor courtyard is right next door to our indoor gym. Your workout will never be washed out.

Compete Against Yourself

Challenge yourself. Unlike typical team sports, there are no opponents to compete against. The only goal is to improve yourself, and increase your overall fitness and health.

Gauge Progress

We want you to succeed. We also want you to know how well you’re doing. Every three weeks or so, your Boot Camp class trainer will give you quantitative feedback to help you analyze your progress at Boot Camp.

What are you waiting for? Try a one-week trial of Boot Camp at our Vancouver location at no cost.