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How to choose a Vancouver Boot Camp Program

There are allot of boot camp programs in Vancouver. How does someone looking to get fit decide which is the best? Read below and you will have some tips on how to compare.

5) Location- allot of bootcamps operate in parks. Does the bootcamp have a permit to use the park space ? The city of Vancouver requires that operators have a permit. Some classes are held indoors. Will inclement weather affect your attendance? If so perhaps an indoor class is more suite able.

4 )Equipment- are you required to provide your own equipment for the boot camp classes? A decent set of hand weights will cost $20. However you will progress quickly and will need heavier weights. Also, isolated movements (arm curls etc) need lower weight than compound movements (squats or squat presses). So which weight should you buy. An intermediate weight will be too heavy for some exercises but too light for others. A boot camp program that provides the equipment

3 )Class size- There is a limit to how many people one instructor can supervise effectively (watch technique and provide feedback). Are the number of people in the class controlled or is there no limit. It is to the benefit of the participants that there is a manageable number of clients to observe.

2) Exercise selection- a boot camp class is meant to be basics like push ups pull ups, sit ups and running. You add to that kettlebells and some full body weight training exercises. However, balance work such as BOSU’s and core stability work like Swiss balls etc are meant to be done when you are fresh , not after a gruelling set of burpees or running. These exercises also require supervision to be doing correctly and are not meant for group classes. What types of exercises is the boot camp program offering?

1) Price- what is the price when all of these factors are considered. Some bootcamp classes are relatively cheap but the class size is very large (you get less instructor attention) and you are providing the equipment (this can be an ongoing cost to increase weights) and you are exercising in the elements (not enjoyable and possibly may affect your attendance).